The Easiest Way to Get a Tech Job in NYC (As A Non-Developer)

With Tech Day (May 2) and our Hackathon (May 17th) approaching, getting an internship or job in tech would seem to be easiest for developers, Hackers, programmers, and anyone with a programming background. 

But what if you are a designer (UX/UI)? A sales-geared solution engineer? A marketing or HR agent?

Of course, every tech company requires those additional roles, and in some cases roles like marketing and sales are in heavy demand.

So, how do you find a job in the tech industry with these roles?

Go Where the Jobs are:

When it comes to tech recruiting there are three main sources for finding positions (in order of preference):

1. LinkedIn

There is no denying that almost all companies are on LinkedIn. You are bound to find a job that meets your criteria by searching through hundreds of available job postings.

If you can swing it, we recommend a LinkedIn Premium Subscription about $35/month. There’s no annual commitment and free trial for new users.

Even if you are only using it for a month while searching for the right fit, it is well worth it and highlights non tech jobs where you are a top applicant and most likely to succeed. Follow that up with our recent post at the TOP 100 Tech Companies (Sorted By Perks) In NYC and you’ll be on your way!

job image

2. Builtinnyc

For New Yorkers, or those looking for a job in the city, there is rarely a resource that provides more in-depth information about tech companies in the NYC than this website

When it comes to jobs, Builtinnyc serves as more of a tech aggregation; you won’t be applying to the site directly, but it links you to wherever the job is posted.

You can also search for jobs by Perks/Benefits that the startups offer.  Note that if “ALL PERKS” is selected, it will show you all companies that have any one of the perks selected, instead of only companies that have ALL Perks.

In this case, we created a matrix for you that does just that.

3. Angel List

If you’re looking to join a startup in its earliest stages (post-Seed/Angel Investment), Angel List is the place for you. 

This is the only place where you will find a “Co-Founder” position advertised, as well as sorting by specific salary range. The numbers on this site are not always 100% accurate, so it will be up to you to verify compensation.

Angel List is a great source of data, especially for non-developer roles including Sales, Marketing, Designers, Management, and related Product roles as noted in the screenshot below.


While all of these online options are great ways to find a career, getting out in the industry and networking will always be beneficial. Take advantage of events like our Hackathon to meet potential employers and learn more about the ERP industry.   

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