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NYC Hackathon Survival Guide for under $70/Night

For residents in one of the five boroughs – Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island, getting to and from your home each night after the hackathon is simple – just hop on the subway and you’re sleeping in your own cozy bed within an hour at most. But what about those participants from neighboring…

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CEO vs COO Relationship

One of the most interesting dynamics in a startup company is the relationship between the Founding CEO and a Co-Founder or COO. In many startups this relationship is usually one of the first to form, and in most cases is out of necessity. In a startup, there is an incredible amount of skill, energy, time…

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Should Tech Entrepreneurs or Business Owners Get An MBA?

There has always been a debate as to whether an MBA provides an added advantage to the entrepreneur or business owner who may have already passed the initial hurdle to starting a business. On one side of the debate is the negative implication that an MBA stifles creativity, provides too much structure for a startup…

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