More Profits – Less Stress

Running A Company Without Stress
Yeah ok, throw away that title as running a business without stress is near impossible! Well maybe not impossible, but close to it.
Starting a business by its very nature is extremely stressful. Not generating a stable income, fear that everyday will be your last day of business, sacrificing a family, missing birthdays, recitals, and vacations are all many of the things that running your own business (at least at the start) may cause you to sacrifice. That is unless you take active steps to minimize some of the anxiety and stress a new company will bring.
Keep in mind that this post revolves around the entrepreneur who is looking to start a full-time business, and devote considerable energy to making it successful. The road will be long, the journey difficult, but the below tips will hopefully allow you to start your business relatively stress free.
Get a Night Time, Evening Job, or Overnight Job.
I know this may sound counter initiative to most people, but getting a job is that not a 9-5 is one of the best ways to keep your income level flowing while working on your business. Granted running a startup and having another fulltime job can be a lot of work, but if you are really serious about the commitment level to your venture, then it is well worth it.
As with most startups, you need to be able generate business, accept calls from potential clients, and treat this like a real business. When you starting out, you want to appear as professional as possible. Having normal working hours from 8 to 6 or 9 to 5, allows the potential client to say O.K. this person is a real business. A normal day job, where you may be able to only speak with potential clients during lunch time or after work in the evening may ultimately send the wrong signal.
Give yourself at least a year FULL TIME in your business.
For every entrepreneur that believes their business is unique, there are three or four other entrepreneurs working on a similar idea just like yours. Chances are the entrepreneurs that are working on their business full time are more likely to get the greatest attention, the best clients, and ultimately stay in business. By working on your business full time, you are most likely to move way ahead of your competition and will be able to leave that nighttime job sooner than later.
Ensure at least some of your co-founders or partners are able to work the same daytime hours as you. Being able to co-work with your team as a cohesive unit will allow you to feed off each others energy. It is no secret that being a solo entrepreneur is hard and downright lonely. Having that committed partner their in the trenches with you will allow you to achieve and accomplish tasks in double the time.
Build your support system with friends, family.
The best entrepreneurs in business will constantly praise the people around them that helped them achieve their goals. Usually it’s the people who believed in them when no one else would. Many times this is family, sometimes these are friends. Whatever the support, make sure that you have at least one or two people that you can rely on when times are difficult, and they will get difficult.
Find a true mentor
A mentor is not just someone who takes a personal interest in your business, but someone who greatly cares about your well-being as well. Fortunately I have never had to look outside of my parents for mentorship. They have always provided me with guidance and continue to be there to support my efforts. Even if your mentor is not a family member, it does not have to be a celebrity or someone who is well known in the industry. Within your network, there may be someone who you frequently speak with but never thought about calling that person your mentor. Remember, a true mentor is not paid and is not just someone who takes your phone call when you need advice, but someone who also cares about your personal well-being. Although I assure you that this task will be very difficult, when you do ultimately find that mentor, just make sure you return the favor. For example, take your mentor out to lunch or dinner, or anything that shows an appreciation for the time they have taken out of their busy schedule to help you. After all the mentors time is most likely valuable as well.
Eat Healthy
Notwithstanding the fact that you now have to full time jobs, you will undoubtedly be exhausted mostly all the time. Never skip a meal. You may be busy but taking time to properly nourish your body is essential. Eating well balanced meals will help you to maintain a higher level of energy overall. Personally I eat about 6 to 7 times a day – very light meals, but more frequently. Eating too heavy will cause your body to get sleepy as it attempts to digest your food. Not eating enough may cause you to lose focus throughout the day. Ensure that you have an adequate meal budgeted in your plan.
Take A Couple of Days Off from both your Startup and Other Full Time Job
Granted, it is tempting to take a couple of days off from your full time night job to focus more energy and effort on your startup. Truthfully however, taking a mental and physical break from both jobs will actually make you more productive when returning to work. The last thing you need when speaking with a potential client is to be sick, run down, or have to reschedule.

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