A Simple Guide to ERPS

What is an ERP?

For an organization with hundreds of employees and vendors, an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System helps keep the flow of information seamless between various internal departments, vendors, and employees.

Historically, ERPS were isolated systems that a company purchased every decade or so. 

Given the rapid pace of technology, this is no longer the case, and many companies are not upgrading or switching ERP systems every 5 -7 years to further streamline their operations and business planning processes,

Let’s dive a little deeper.

ERP software can allows an organization to capture and disseminate data in real time, while automating many back office functions like human resources management (HR).  

Conversely, organizations with inaccurate data or are unable to streamline their operations through and effective system will be unable to remain competitive.

E-commerce Addition to ERPS

Until recently, many manufacturers and vendors would purchase a separate ecommerce system (Magento, Shopify, WordPress). 

Because ERPS primarily focused on accounting and business functions, developers spent little time building e-commerce functions.

It was not until the mid 2000’s when the e-commerce industry started to explode that vendors like Oscommerce and Interspire emerged, resulting in the need for two separate systems and a myriad of integrations. 

As specialty vendors like Oscommerce, Magento, Bigcommerce focused exclusively on e-commerce, there was little need for ERP and e-commerce systems to compete until recently.

Loss Of Efficiency

The synergy of data is vital for any organization that plans to stay competitive in the coming decade.  This is the reason why disciplines like data science are so popular in tech. 

Companies like Amazon continue to invest in technology and operations to make things quicker, more affordable, and ultimately more profitable.

Management and Executives not only need to access to real time data that is accurate.  Only when a companies aggregate departments are working in tandem can full data alignment be achieved.

ERP’s will play an increasing vital role in an organizations success. Working with a company like Open Source can help your business put together the ultimate team of ERP software.

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