Spend Too Much

On Your


OpenSource ERPs lets you save money, be more efficient and drive your business forward – every day.


Grow More, Grow Faster

through strategic implementation
of Open Source ERPS.

Outdated, expensive, rigid and cumbersome: Traditional ERP systems were yesterday. Now our reliable OpenSource solution allows you to cut licensing fees while knowing you can count on a streamlined ERP experience

It's Time To Abandon

the License Cost


Intgerated System

You have one handy solution that can take care of all your business needs from management to accounting


Cloud Based

Let your team collect, store and manage data safely from where ever you want. You’re not bound to a specific platform or piece of gear


Open Source Development

You can rest assured that your ERPs is constantly being improved and refined by leading experts from all over the globe


ERP Hosting

We host your ERP software so that you can work freely with the data that is essential to your business

On-Site Discovery

We’ll figure out what a perfect OpenSource ERPs solution looks like to you so that you can have a swift transition

ERP Customization

OpenSource ERPs can be tailored to your individual needs, making it easier to integrate in your process while reducing friction

On-Site Training

Our specialists will visit you in person to teach you how to work with OpenSource ERPs efficiently in your day to day



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OpenSource ERPs is the first to support many industry-leading ERP applications, giving you total freedom in the way you set up your ERP experience. Customers in over 40 countries profit from the flexibilty that OpenSource ERPs allows in growing your business.


Jeremy knows it all! What a wonderful individual to guide us and explain every step. Thank you, Jeremy for making time to speak with us and guide us through the process.


Jeehae Fischer

-Director Of Development and Communications at Internationals Network for Public Schools

Jeremy is a passionate entrepreneur with a vision and determination to disrupt the industry. He is a guy to watch on the NY start-up scene.


Matthew Capala

- Founder of Alphametic & Trainer at Search Decorder.

Extraordinarily well versed in the technical process and options for development. Equally important Jeremy clear about what his team provides and what we'd need to get elsewhere.


Ellie E

Project Manager
-(Creative Tech Works).

Jeremy is a very focused and disciplined leader who knows how to create efficiency in his business. He plays his strengths, and trusts his colleagues to play theirs, and this creates a fast-paced and productive work environment. Jeremy also has incredible depth of knowledge about the finance industry. I learned something new every single day I worked with Jeremy, and he remains a mentor and an inspiration to me in my own entrepreneurial ventures.


Benjamin Rapkin

- Marketing Specialist at Demand Generation.

Jeremy was very knowledgeable, easy to talk to, and very willing to help. Very positive experience. Thank you Jeremy.


Alexandra Morigi

- Devlopment Director at Homeless Advocacy Project.

I would absolutely recommend Jeremy. Jeremy is very creative and knowledgable and is hands down one of my favorite people to work with!

Audra Hamlin

- The Gift Firm.

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